Bishop Allen Fowle Jr.

NorthEastern Regional Director

Bishop Allen N. Fowle, Jr, Pastor

True Worship Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. 

Pastor Allen N. Fowle, Jr. was born and raised in the Bronx, New  York, and is married to his wife Samantha of 35 years; they have  one son; Christian Allen Fowle, daughter-in-law Candyce Fowle,  one grandson Christian Jr., and one granddaughter, Charlotte  Olivia Fowle. 

In 1988 Pastor Fowle moved to South Carolina where he received  the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, at a small Pentecostal holiness  church. After moving back to New York, he attended the Beulah  Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Brooklyn, New York, pastored  by Apostle Wilbur L. Jones, Sr. It was at the Beulah Church,  where he was baptized in the Name Lord Jesus Christ, and  ordained an Elder.  

Pastor Fowle received his religious education and ministerial  training from the Apostolic Learning Center Bible College, at the  Beulah Church, and his bachelor’s degree from Parkersburg  

College. In 2020 Pastor Fowle received an Honorary Doctors of Ministry degree from  Rowe Bible Institute.  

In 1997, Pastor Fowle felt the Lord leading him and his family to relocate to the State of  Delaware to start an Apostolic Assembly. In the year of 2000 Pastor Fowle began a  home bible study, which eventually birth the True Worship Church of Jesus Christ of the  Apostolic Faith, Inc.  

In 2004, the Lord opened a door for the True Worship Church to purchase a building in  Delaware City, without having to purchase a mortgage. Then, in 2012 the Lord blessed  the church with an 8.07 acre property in Smyrna, Delaware, which is the current home of  the church. 

Pastor Fowle has a tremendous burden for bringing souls to the Lord; He has worked in  the evangelism field, preaching the gospel in Africa, overseeing outreach services in  parks, housing projects and wherever the Lord will send him to preach the gospel, and  feeding food to the hungry. Pastor Fowle is a man of Integrity, with a strong  commitment to preach the unadulterated Word of God without compromise. 

On January 9, 2010, Pastor Fowle was consecrated into the office of “Bishop” Pastor Fowle is currently the Presiding Bishop of the One Way Apostolic Fellowship of Jesus  Christ. Pastor Fowle is also teaching at the Apostolic Bible College of Delaware. 

Having obtained help from God, he continues till this day.

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