Christ Ministries School of Divinity

Christ Ministries School of Divinity

Discipline toExcellence
Christ Ministries School of Divinity is a private Bible college, offering a fully online two-year Master of Divinity Degree program. The school was established in 2013 by Bishop Dr. Andrew Robinson, Ph.D., D.Div., and his wife, Rev. WandaKay Robinson, M.S., M.Div. Pentecostal Apostolic Christian belief system is foundational to the school as well as every course taught. This degree program prepares candidates for professional work in Christian Ministry within local churches as well as parachurch organizations. The Robinsons draw from decades of their experience in ministry and credible sources to provide an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, Christian leadership principles and methods, counseling, the art of preaching and interpretation of Scripture, and so much more. Coursework places emphasis on embracing the essential values, knowledge, and skills needed to serve in a variety of Church leadership roles and deepens individuals' spiritual walk. Graduates of this program:

- Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality.

- Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, ministerial ethics, and theological reflection, Christian counseling, leadership, and pulpit ministry.

- Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served.

- Enhance their global competence for balanced understanding, practice, and participation in various contexts of life.

- Advance their proficiency in the content ,theory, and practice of ministerial leadership.

- Advance their proficiency in biblical studies.

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