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AWCF Breakthrough!

The door to world revival is open to us now. The AWCF is active in multiple nations and many more are pleading for us to come. Destiny calls us.
Jesus said, "When this Gospel is preached to the whole world, He will return." He hasn't come yet, in spite of the fact that, one form or another of the gospel has been preached everywhere, every continent, and every isle of the sea, by the church of Rome and her denominational daughters, the gospels that Paul called, "another gospel". But, the pure, pristine, primitive Pentecostal/Apostolic Gospel that Christ founded and preached by the Apostles has yet to be preached everywhere; (1) the true identity of Jesus, the fullness of the Godhead in Him, (2) the true revelation of the new birth, water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and baptism in the Holy Ghost with the biblical seal of a new tongue, followed by a changed life-style. (3) Living and walking in true Apostolic authority over the world, the flesh, and the devil; bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and proclaiming the Gospel to all the world.

The AWCF has crisscrossed America and the world preaching and teaching the Apostolic message. We have magazines, internet web-site, facebook timeline reports, that verify the obvious. We are doing something, we have the fruit to prove it. We do this without a highly centralized organization. We are not burdened with large salaries and expense accounts for our officials, and myriads of burdensome rules. Our standard is simply New Testament preaching. We start and end where the Word of God starts and ends. Period! We are getting the job done on a shoestring budget. We have been all over the world with seminars, crusades, and revivals; assisting in church building projects, distributing books, Bibles and religious material. Assisting with the purchase of vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles to carry the Gospel. I mention just a few of the places we have ministered and sown into; throughout Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic. All over the Caribbean, even communist Cuba and Nicaragua. All over Africa, and Asia, and even Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India. Almost 50 nations, too numerous to mention here, and more begging us to come to their place.

Sadly, we usually reduce by half every projected budget for an event in order to spread our resources further and reach more places worldwide. And sadly, although we help with many requests for printed material, and humanitarian needs, we turn most down for lack of funds. I am desperate to do better. We can! I know what must be done, according to Bible prophecy. We have the message, the world must be reached, it is time for Apostolics to break-out, no longer divided by labels, "conservative, liberal, moderate, legalists, progressives, emergents," and on and on. Let's just preach and spread the Gospel!

I have a project. There are hundreds of thousands of Apostolics in America. If we can just get 7,000 pastors and their church members to donate just $70 per year. That is less than a coke and a hamburger, or a coffee and a donut a week, we can raise almost half a million dollars. At this point the AWCF is doing all that we are, on no more than a $100,000 a year. We could do 5 times more!!!

See the application form: Once a year, each member of the Apostolic 7,000 sends in only $70, and promises to abide by the suggested membership disciplines stated on the application. We will in turn send them, the lovely 7 inch tall praying hands and cross simulated marble award with their name affixed with a gold plate. I need your help. We can do it. We must do it. We are His witnesses!
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