Bishop Dr. Andrew Robinson

Director of Education

Bishop Dr. Andrew Robinson has servedin ministry since 1984. He began as an evangelist, then a pastor, and now isthe bishop, president, and senior pastor of Christ Ministries Inc. In 1989, Dr.Robinson and his wife, Wanda Kay, founded Christ Ministries Inc. Through thisorganization, they have trained and ordained ministers, established campus ministriesat several universities and numerous church ministries, and developed qualifiedChristian leaders and good citizens for nearly four decades. In January 2013, theyestablished the Christ Ministries School of Divinity, which offers a two-year fullyonline Master of Divinity Degree.

Since 2005, Dr. Robinson teaches at EasternIllinois University (EIU) in the School of Communication and Journalism. Dr.Robinson also teaches as adjunct graduate faculty for the University ofIllinois Springfield in the Education Department of Leadership and the IllinoisOnline Network. Dr. Robinson authored the 6P Instructional Design Model in2015, which has been adopted by the Illinois Online Network as its primary coursedesign model. He received the Roger Whitlow Award for Excellence in Teachingfrom the School of Continuing Education at EIU in 2008 and the Alpha ImageAward for leadership and service in 2014.

Dr. Robinson has served on bothprofit and nonprofit corporate boards.He adheres firmly to biblically basedservant leadership theory and believes each person has a higher purpose orcalling to make a positive and lasting impact on others, their communities, andtheir world. “The difference [of servant leadership] manifests itself in thecare taken by the servant-first to make sure that other people’s highestpriority needs are being served. The best test and difficult to administer is:Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier,wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And whatis the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at leastnot be further deprived?" (Greenleaf, 1970). Bishop Dr. Andrew Robinsonmodels this with his life in ministry and care for those to whom he has beencalled to serve academically, professionally, and spiritually.

Master of Divinity Degree Program

Christ Ministries School of Divinity enlightens, enriches, energizes, equips,and empowers Christians for maximum effectiveness in spiritual growth and thecall of God. The school offers a fully online two-year Master of Divinitydegree program which provides candidates with valuable knowledge and skills forlife and ministry.

Ø Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-likecharacter and spiritual vitality.

Ø Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation,ministerial ethics, theological reflection, Christian counseling, leadership,and pulpit ministry.

Ø Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in education and receive trainingand development for effectively serving communities.

Ø Enhance global competence for balanced understanding, practice,and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life.

Ø Acquire proficiency in the content, theory, and practice ofministerial leadership and proficiency in biblical studies.

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