Bishop Mike Lane

SouthEastern Regional Director

Michael Spencer Lane was born September 29, 1954 in Sparta, NC. At the age of 13 him and his family moved to High Point, NC. In 1972 he met his soul mate Sister Teddi Lane. They were married in 1973. This year they celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary. They have 1 daughter, Tanzy Tysinger (husband Travis), 4 grandchildren - Spring Fulp (husband Travis), Zachary, Payton and Andrew and 3 great-grandchildren - Banner, Avett and Callan Fulp.

Brother Lane came to know Jesus in January 1975 at Apostolic Tabernacle in Winston-Salem, NC under the pastorship of Bishop Bob Williams. His first iob in the church was parking cars every service, which he did whole-heartedly. In June of 1976 he was stirred by the Holy Ghost to preach the gospel. Soon afterwards he started evangelizing and continued for 17 years while still being faithful to his home church in ministry and singing in the choir.

In January of 1992 Brother Lane became the Associate Pastor to Bishop Williams at Christ Temple Church in Winston-Salem, NC. He remained in that position for 13 years diligently serving the church and pastor.

In April of 2005 he started a church in Lexington, NC and named it Place of Praise. His saying is, "it's not only the name of our church but it's what we do"

Because Brother Lane held true to I Timothy 3; 1-7, in qualifying for the office of Bishop, he was elevated to be a Bishop in 2013 by Bishops Samuel Smith and Bob Williams.

In 2014 he was appointed and ordained Bishop over the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship - Southeastern District. He has successfully held yearly conferences to help create fellowship amongst the Family of Christ and introduce new ministers to the AWCF. Bishop Lane has been an asset to the organization.

He continues today working hard at Place of Praise, ministering throughout the country and holding yearly conferences in the AWCF.

Bishop Lane has dedicated his life to serving Jesus and building His Kingdom one soul at a time.

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