Sis. Irene Valverde

Ladies' Ministry Director

Sister Irene Valverde has pastored alongside her husband, Bishop Valverde, for the past 45
years and has worked in women’s ministry in the United States, Mexico and South America. She
and her husband are the founders of Restoration Ministries and Temple Philadelphia Christian
Academy (Kindergarten-12th grade) which has blessed countless families, including their own
three children and 12 grandchildren. The school continues to bless all who attend.
She is also the founder of “Mujeres de Destino” a two-year study plan preparing women for
home and church ministry. This study material has been used in the United States and in
Mexico. (Material In Spanish)

Sister Valverde is now serving in the capacity of, AWCF Women’s Director and is honored to
direct our AWCF Women’s Auxiliary. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping
women to grow in their created purpose, beginning in the home, continuing in the church and
extending to their communities. Her foundational scripture is, Titus 2: 2-5 “Women are to be
Teachers of Good Things.” To understand and live this principle in our homes will create strong
families who abide in beauty and harmony. In conclusion, strong families make strong

Her daily inspiration comes through the Word of God, sharing goals and dreams concerning
family and ministry with her husband and looking forward to family time.

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