Elder Michael A. Whaley, Sr.

Executive Council Member

Elder Michael A. Whaley, Sr.;

is a native of Delaware. He accepted Christ around the tender age of fourteenyears old.  He is a humble, and gifted servant of God whose ultimatedesire is to do the will of God. 

Michael served honorably as a Trooper with the Delaware State Police for approximately23 loyal years. His education includes a "Bachelor of Science inChemistry" degree from the "Delaware State University" anda certification leadership course, Southern Police Institute AdministrativeOfficers Course at the University of Louisville.

He has been ministering for over 21 years on the gospel field for JesusChrist.  He serves faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Major Fosterat the Philadelphia Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc. in Ellendale, Delaware. He is happily married to his lovely wife Faith for 37 years; together theyare proud parents of three adult children: Myeshia, Michael, and Mark, alongwith three grandchildren: Gavin, Alexandria, and Micah.

Michael’s desire as a church; is to be within the communityproclaiming the Word of Christ, and providing good deeds whenever possibleto the community. Through the partnership of other churches, outreachministries, business corporations, friends, and family members. The divinemandate which the Lord gave, came to past and blessed communities, and familiesin need.    

Michael is a man who loves God, God's people, and His Word.  Heenjoys family time; relaxing, running cycling, reading, and learning whateverhe can to share with others.  He enjoys preaching, speaking, and teachingthe Word of God with power, conviction, and simplicity at every opportunitythat avails without compromise. 

Michael advised he loves the young, theelderly and unchurch people groups. The young, because they have so much togain.  The elderly, because they have so much to share, especially wisdom. The unchurch because their eternal destiny is at hand.

His greatest passion is tosee disciples enjoy Jesus and to leverage their lives as disciple-makers to seeothers enjoy Jesus, here in our region and to the nations!

His watchword for anyone is, to get to knowGod first for yourself, and trust Him above all else. 

Micheal's favorite bible verses:

  • Jeremiah 1:5
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • Hebrews10:24-25
  • Romans12:4-5
  • Acts2:46-47

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