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Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bishop Jose Almaraz, I have been a part of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF) for more than 30 years. I have served as a Pastor and Evangelist, ministering in thirty countries around the world. At this time, God has given me the privilege of being the Chairman of the Independent Churches and Ministries of the AWCF. In this new administration, there are many activities and goals that God has put in our hearts, some of which I would like to share with you. 

The AWCF is a world-wide alliance that unites churches and organizations around the world for the purpose of maintaining unity in the Apostolic Faith. There are no requirements to join this Fellowship other than adhering to the Apostles’ Doctrine. We understand that many of our members have responsibilities to their own churches and organizations. For that reason, we do not ask them to financially commit to the projects of the AWCF. During our Annual World Congress, in which we come together in the month of May, we do not require mandatory registration, admission fees, or dues. Everything is voluntary as we understand your financial obligations to your own churches and organizations. Even in spite of the minimal funds that we have to work with, we have been blessed to host many conferences and events in the United States and throughout the world. We also help our International Guests financially, by supporting them with hotel lodging during our AWCF World Conference.

As the Chairman of the Independent Churches and Ministries, my vision for those who are seeking more than just a Fellowship, but true Apostolic covering. For those who are seeking accountability and networking, without having to be affiliated or restricted to an organization. We offer you to be a part of our Independent Caucus, which will provide you with a ministerial license and recognize your Church and Ministry under our Corporation. Having said this, we would like to present to you the following proposals:

  • Monthly Support through Ministerial Tithes/ Love Offerings. You have the opportunity to be blessed and be a blessing to others. Your offerings would go to assist our International Ministries, fund multiple events and conferences abroad.

  • Consider having our International Pastors minister in your local Church. Many of our International Guests that are able to come to the United States, face the challenges of finding churches to visit while they are here. They make many sacrifices to come with the hope that they will be received by churches where they can share their ministry and what God is doing worldwide. Our desire is to establish a list of Pastors and Churches that would be open to having them in their Church.

  • Be a part of our Ministry Database . We are seeking to have a list of Evangelists, Teachers and Singers, who are members of the AWCF, that would be able to be a blessing to other Independent Congregations that are in need of a Ministry to come visit or possibly seeking a permanent position in their local Church.

  • Be involved in our Regional Conferences and Events. The strength of our Fellowship is networking and becoming more familiar with what we are doing here in the U.S. and Internationally. We feel the best way to achieve that is being a part of our Events.

We ask for your prayers and if the Lord leads you, your financial support as we cannot do it

alone. Our goal is to serve you and to be a blessing to your Ministry and local Church.

We appreciate your support for this department and look forward to working with you!

In His service,

Bishop Jose Almaraz / Chairman of the Independent Churches of the AWCF

be part of the ship

all organizations and individual churchs welcome