The AWCF is continuing to make a global impact as we preach the gospel, teach the apostolic doctrine, and partner with ministries around the world to further establish the Kingdom of God.

We are evangelizing unreached areas, helping establish new churches, and strengthening the body of Christ in every country where the Lord sends us.

From Crusades to Bible Colleges, we are doing everything we can to reach the lost and disciple the saved.

We would love for you to prayerfully become a part of what the Lord is doing through the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship!

If you would like to go on a future international mission trip, please let us know as we will be taking multiple mission trips in 2024. If you can’t go with us, then please pray about becoming a financial partner so that we can accomplish what the Lord has called us to do.

If you aren’t currently a part of the AWCF 7,000 Club, please consider becoming a member to help fulfill the vision of the AWCF.In these last days we must work together to fulfill the Great Commission with one mind, one strength, and no division!

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Apostle Bj Riley / Chairman of International Ministries

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all organizations and individual churchs welcome